What is Hcomm?

Hcomm pioneers the development of products and services that address the needs of residencial sector to support the changes accelerated by the ongoing pandemic.

Hcomm Multisensorial Multimedia rooms are the culmination of 12 years of research that gave birth to the first immersive space capable of involving all 5 human senses.

Guests are invited to easily manage audio, video, smell, climate, light, frequencies and special effects creating the surroundings desired - to allow remote communication to become more effective than in person.

Hcomm solutions are fully bespoken on customers requests and can be integrated into any existing living space. Hcomm specialises in design spaces for business, entertainment, events and wellness centres.

HOME IN is a unique housing solution that reimagines your living experience. Enhance your daily life in a multisensorial and immersive habit powered by adaptive technology. Thrive with your beloved ones in a new concept of HOME:

  • a system to take care of the psychological and physical wellness of your family;
  • choose and create the desired immersive multisensory content: waking up in a forest or have a dinner in a tropical bay, and many more;
  • a flexible and multifunctional immersive room to work, play and socialize;
  • a flexible and multifunctional immersive room to work, play and socialize;
  • immersive entertainment for gaming, cinema,concert, parties, connecting with your friends;
  • service platform dedicated to improve quality life of inhabitants with personalized courses, treatments, virtual coaching, telemedicine services;
  • find inspiration in total art, landscape scenarios and live events, directly at home;
Our service platform guarantees the total privacy of personal data processing.

Living room (majlis)

Inside the Experience - delight your guests

Welcome your guests in a unique and ever-changing surroundings with a multi-sensorial experience.

living room

Inside the Experience – Events, party and Live concerts

Experience live streaming events in a limitless reality. Enjoy concerts, parties, and multisensory events in connection with your friends.

living room

Inside the Experience – Entertainment

A new level of depth and excitement for immersive cinema and gaming.

dining room

Inside the Experience - Taste the experience

To influence, entertain, challenge, interact, celebrate, boost, immerse, or simply support the perception of taste through a tailored atmosphere.

play room

Inside the Experience – Art and creativity

Create and live the beauty of total art. The ideal place to find inspiration and let your creativity flow.


Inside the Experience – transform any room in a Business meeting room

HOME IN technology enhances your work quality. Connect easily with your business.


Inside the Experience – multisensorial immersive scenario any moment

A new day every day - Choose the place to be and awake your emotions.


Inside the Experience – Interior solution fully bespoken

On customer request, HOME IN can be integrated into any existing living space. Transform your private space into a well-being and relaxation place.


Inside the Experience – Organize your activities without limits

The ideal place to focus on your ideas and projects.

Health & Wellness

Inside the Experience – Telemedicine

Health h.24 - An interactive space to take care of your self, every day.

bath room

Inside the Experience – Moments of daily pleasure

Experience personal care in an immersive and multisensory dimension.

fitness room

Inside the Experience – Joy of training

Immersive and personalized training programs according to the experiences and goals you want to achieve.

immersive pool & spa

Inside the Experience – better then real

Health and Wellness directly to your home – Create the space to take care of yourself every day.

A network to connect your family, friends and business. Experiment the new immersive and multisensorial frontier.

Organize or discover virtual events like concerts, art exhibitions, fairs and manymore.

To organize events, virtual fairs exhibitions, webinars, training

Patented solution multisensorial and multimedia room International Publication Number (WO2019/239193 A1)
Harmonized Multisensory system: audio/video, fragrancies, chromotherapy, climate effects, frequency
Exclusive VIDEO LEDs : lowest surface temperature and reduced electromagnetic wave emission on the market
Multipurpose technological devices and tools: cameras, sensors, home automation, furniture, UV-C , Ionizer, UV-B
MIVR treatments, programs, courses, virtual coaching, changing bad habits, improving skills and more for well-being.