World of Sensation

Curved technological walls, which can be installed to adapt to fit in any space, transforming it into an immersive multi-sensory room.

Integrated technologies are inserted behind the walls to carry out multisensory stimulation programs, a harmonized set of video, audio, olfactory diffusions, lights, climatic effects, vibrational stimuli, air ionization.

Each stimulus has been studied with the contribution of experts in the specific sector. The harmonization was developed within the HCOMM software to make the integrated friction of the stimuli effective.

In which sector would you like to evaluate to apply it?:

  • Real Estate, Residential
  • Hospitality
  • Health & Wellness
  • Business meeting room


WORLD OF SENSATIONS is a unique housing solution that reimagines your living experience. Enhance your daily life in a multisensorial and immersive habit powered by adaptive technology.

Hospitality and Retails

Solution dedicated to customer entertainment, guiding your guests into an immersive luxury experience at Restaurant, Hotel, Shop, Showroom and Events. Ideal for concerts, shopping, live music and art gallery and more.

Education and Business

WORLD OF SENSATIONS a new standard for communication and training. Collaboration and attention are improved through the multisensory system. Remote communication as if you were in presence.

Wellness SPA and Clinics

WORLD OF SENSATIONS service platform has specific treatments to counteract stress factors, bad habits, cellular aging, psychosomatic block removal, insomnia disorder and much more.