iHoSo Screen Canvas

High-quality, high-brightness monitor, developed to be a real digital canvas, contains APPs for automatic exposure digital ARTs with direct connection to the Marketplace for choosing the digital works to be exhibited, capable of operating 24 hours a day for 5-7 years, portrait or landscape orientation, 3 year warranty. Sizes from 43″ to 165″ inches

iHoSo Multisensory Surround Bar ​

Elliptical-shaped technological bar able to stimulate the senses, which can be inserted and integrated with HCOMM Screen Canvas (Automatic Bluetooth pairing) or under or alongside a normal SmartTV:

Olfactory stimuli  12/24/36 different essences + Immersive sound system + RGB surround LEDs.

iHoSo Auditum Headset ​

The Auditum headphones technology stimulates brain activity through LF waves (low-intensity frequency waves), capable of interacting with brain waves.
Through an APP, connected via Bluetooth with Auditum, you can start programs for:

  • Stimulate Beta waves – to improve efficiency and concentration in daily activities
  • Promoting Theta Waves – to prepare for an important meeting or recover from a stressful situation
  • Intervene to relieve a painful state, (n.b. it is not a cure, it only mitigates the symptom)
  • Promote Alpha waves – to rediscover personal balance, before carrying out public relations
  • Promote Theta and Delta waves – to relax the mind
AGILIS 2 (2)

iHoSo Multisensory Workstation​

An assistant that discreetly looks after the User’s well-being, productivity, and efficiency. It can be configured as an all-in-one performing PC or (in its basic version) simply as a tool that connects to your PC;

The system provides treatments/programs/courses/exercises for psycho-physiological well-being that can be personalized. The system is able to perform multisensory stimuli (harmonized Video-Audio-Olfactory-lighting Frequencies). The user can also develop treatments for their well-being and/or entertainment. The product can be equipped with Auditum which empower the effectiveness of treatment programs