iHoSo Auditum Headset

Auditum supports work and leisure activities

Auditum contains technology capable of stimulating brain activity through the emission of LF waves (low intensity frequency waves), capable of interacting with brain waves.
Through an APP, connected via Bluethoot with Auditum, you can start programs for:

  • Stimulate Beta waves – to improve efficiency and concentration in daily activities
  • Promoting Theta Waves – to prepare for an important meeting or recover from a stressful situation
  • Being able to get rid of a painful state, (n.b. it’s not a cure, it only mitigates the symptom)
  • Promote Alpha waves – to rediscover personal balance, before carrying out public relations
  • Promote Theta and Delta waves – to relax the mind

The system is perfectly integrated with the iHoSo platform and its Treatments, Coaching and Courses. Through the cooperation of Auditum and multisensory stimuli (Audio / Video / Olfactory / Climatic / Frequency) the maximum effectiveness of the results is achieved.

Prevention of contagion and multi-user use – Auditum has a refill container equipped with a UV-C lamp which guarantees sanitization with each refill or as needed.
Then there are further features that we can explain upon specific request