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ARTINSPACE360 Showroom inauguration

HCOMM inaugurates a showroom in Dubai dedicated to immense art, where it has installed an ARTINSPACE 360 where it is possible to experience immersive multisensory art entering with all the senses inside the artwork​

HCOMM opening new Research Center

HCOMM has inaugurated (Inside the HighSign incubator) the new research center. Innovative offices where, thanks to the choice of materials, technologies, and design, researchers find themselves working in a motivating environment, capable of stimulating creativity and team spirit. The center has also a World of Sensations 120 L6m x h2,36m .

HCOMM presents

HCOMM presents a prototype of World of Sensations to support anti-aging treatments using multisensory stimuli. The prototype called RNA (Room No Aging) was presented to the attendees that have a test, the RAI Italian National TV has dedicated a show to the events. Here is an extract from the tv show.