HCOMM Srl is an Italian company focused on multi-sensory technologies. Through an over ten-year research project, with the contribution of psychologists, biologists, neurologists, and hypnotherapists, a methodology has been developed to perform multisensory stimuli to address the most diverse human needs (relieving a stressful state, eliminating insomnia, improve your ability to concentrate, kick a bad habit or addiction, ..and many more).

HCOMM has PATENTED TECHNOLOGY, customized solutions capable of creating a multisensory experience, a harmonized blend of VIDEOS, SOUNDS, OLFACTORY ESSENCES, VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES, LIGHTS, and CLIMATE EFFECTS.

A software application platform has also been developed which allows, also to carry out of multi-sensory treatment programs to improve psycho-physical state, support personal performance, increase creative abilities, change bad habits, .. and much more ).

Applications have also been developed capable of managing the connections between rooms equipped with HCOMM technology, creating “multi-sensory” connections, and bringing a new standard to work meetings, training, and remote entertainment, where communication involves all the participant’s senses.

HCOMM solutions are B2B (World of Sensations/ARTINSPACE) and B2C (iHoSo)