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World of Sensation

Immersive multimedia multisensory technological walls which can be inserted inside any living space bringing innovations in terms of communication, entertainment, well-being.

Dedicated to:

Real Estate, Residential, Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Mall, Airport lounge, Business meeting rooms


Multi-sensory benefit within everyone’s reach everywhere.
Surrounding bars, Workstations, Headset dedicated to: Home, Office, Hospitality, Health & Wellness


The ART world’s new ecosystem.

Dedicated to:

Galleries, Museum, Artists, Collectors, Curators, Auction Houses

Multi-Sensory Contents 

Health and wellness and Performance improvement treatment programs catalog.
Multi-sensory landscape content catalogue.
Multi-sensory contents Marketplace.
Multi-sensory Digital Art Marketplace.

About Us

HCOMM Srl is an Italian company focused on multi-sensory technologies. Through an over ten-year research project, with the contribution of psychologists, biologists, neurologists, and hypnotherapists, a methodology has been developed to perform multisensory stimuli to address the most diverse human needs (relieving a stressful state, eliminating insomnia, improve your ability to concentrate, kick a bad habit or addiction, ..and many more)…

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