Beyond every form of expression

Imagination, creative power, or the ability to imagine something before turning it into reality, is the exclusive prerogative of man.

Robotic machines and artificial intelligence can speed up productivity, optimise costs and improve work processes, but they will never be able to develop forms of expression comparable to the creativity of the human being.

Therefore, what prerogative remains for man to develop his entire creative potential?

ART IN is a system of Immersive and Multisensory Rooms, the first tool to have been created to fully develop this potential

What Is ART IN?

ART IN is a pioneer in the development of products and services that address the needs of art, from the artist to the spectator and enthusiast, from the private collector, to the galleries, art schools, creative workshops, interactive museums and public and private spaces dedicated to the culture of making art.

ART IN the Multisensory Immersive Multimedia Room is the result of 12 years of researches that have given life to the first space capable of involving all 5 senses (auditory, visual, olfactory, regulation of the climatic effect, frequency stimulation).

All ART IN projects are customised to be versatile and compatible with all forms of artistic expression.


It creates a new level of emotional and spiritual involvement in artistic expression. It immerses the visitor in the multisensory emotional suggestion developed in ART IN by the Artist It provides a new range of services for artists, curators, collectors, art lovers. It connects galleries, artists and individuals from all over the world.

It offers museums and galleries a multifunctional, multisensory space, so versatile that it can host different artistic installations even on the same day (maximum versatility and less investment).

Get ready for the future of art.

ART IN: possibilities of employment in the art world

For art professionals ART IN is the tool that outlines a new expressive paradigm, the sum of all the arts, an immersive and multisensory technological device. For museums, galleries, investors, curators and auction houses and art collectors, ART IN offers the possibility to develop an international virtual network, for innovative museums, multimedia galleries and even domestic environments, making art available to everyone.

ART IN is an instrument that support developing creativity and self-awareness.

Constantly looking for totipotent forms of expression, the most innovative artists finally have the opportunity to express their full creative potential.

Through the stimulation of all the senses, the use of ART IN allows the creation of emotionally exciting and compelling works, capturing and projecting the audience within the work itself; hence realising the sum of all the arts.

The classic performance involves a well defined time and space and relationship between artist and audience. With ART IN, in addition to transforming the visual arts and performances, which become immersive, due to the involvement of all five senses, the limit of time and defined space barrier is also broken down, characterising the forms of artistic sharing to which the public is accustomed.

The performance in fact is enjoyable any moment and location. These creations can take place in real time (live) or can be recorded, leaving a perennial testimony of the moment and state (emotional, sensory, spiritual and ultra-dimensional) in which the work was created.

The artist can write the script and build the scenario by integrating the visual sense to all other senses. The interdisciplinary potential of ART IN enables the presentation of live performances as well as through the media, social channels and private channels, dedicated to curators, luxury guests and the general public.

By adjusting temperature-perfumes-frequencies stimulation-lights, integrated with climatic factors such as cold wind or warm wind, sea breeze, the artist can explore a new tool, an innovative, three-dimensional, interactive and interdisciplinary virtual canvas.

For the first time in history, the artist can share his emotions and his environment with the viewer, while painting, sculpting or dancing,.. transforming the same composition into a real performance.

A work of art that envelops you, in an engaging and multisensory scenario that captures and projects you inside the work itself, hence realising the sum of all the arts.

Therefore the artist can customise his ART IN room at any time by regulating climate, sounds, smells and sensory stimuli (including frequencies) and also share them with the viewer who in turn can prefer sensory sharing (or customize his own).

The collector and the viewer can therefore reserve ART IN to attend a performance (performance art, show and ballet) as well as to create a work of art (on commission).

ART IN is in fact a generator of astonishment that offers exceptional possibilities for sharing unique, intimate moments of creation.

ART IN allows you to create galleries, auction houses, new generation museums, creative workshops and to spread art widely both in public places and in private contexts, from the home to the office.

ART IN allows you to immerse yourself in the work of art, through tours, interactive routes, galleries etc. taking advantage of its immersive, stimulating and multisensory characteristics.

Today, art is a billionaire business. It is bought for investment, but “it is forbidden to export the works” and often many treasures are only moved from one vault to another. The art market has a steady growing trend, with a turnover worth about $7 billion.

Banking foundations acquire a lot of art and this affects the success of galleries and auction houses, in fact there is an essential link between art, banking foundations and investors. These values can grow infinitely by bringing art into a capillary network formed not only by galleries and museums, but even to private homes, shopping malls and educational centres.

Art fairs (as well as exhibitions and vernissage) are more of a showcase; today the real business develops during the rest of the year and in the big auction houses, but with ART IN all this can change radically; art can circulate and be disseminated, networks can be created for business and for the propagation of culture.

ART IN fits into this context, facilitating the exchange of information and dissemination, even more than in an exhibition, as if it were a fair taking place simultaneously at universal level. An important thermometer of a country's economic health, the success of galleries and gallery owners guarantees support to young talents by supporting their creativity. With ART IN, sustenance for young talents increases, amplifying their media potential and making art a good that is no longer exclusive and luxurious, but is within everyone's reach.

Not only will the artist be able to take advantage of the media return guaranteed by a thematic capillary network, but will also be able to choose exclusive or public channels for fixed or indefinite periods and will be able to disseminate his art without mediators or curators.

In the school environment, for education, ART IN is a powerful tool, its interactive and multisensory functions allows students to immerse themselves within the work of art, facilitating and speeding up the learning process.

In fact, according to recent research on learning (e.g. Lozanov's suggestopedia) contact with art stimulates hypermnesia. ART IN is also a powerful tool for personality development and personal growth able to raise consciences towards higher awareness thus demonstrating the role of art as a main tool to refine creativity and project the subject towards higher levels of consciousness.